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Google News: Get a quick glimpse of the top news stories in the world right now.
Surf 4 Free: Learn about our referral program and how you can surf the Internet for free.
Movies (CA): A quick link to Tribute Canada to find out what movies are playing in your area.
Movies (US): A quick link to to find out what movies are playing in your area.
Weather: Take a look at the weather around us.
Settings: Learn about any special settings you might need for your Internet connection.
Spam Filter: Clean out your Spam Filter and set your black and white lists to make sure your getting the mail you want.
Downloads: Get what you need to keep your computer running SpyWare and Virus free.
Money Exchanger: Quickly Convert any Currency to and other Currency.
Security: Learn how to keep your kids safe on the Internet and things you can do to keep the Internet a safe place for everyone.
Acceptable Use: Learn about our Acceptable Use policy, and how it effects you.

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